Wednesday, August 19, 2009

UPDATED: Pilestredet 30 A-B, the home of Edvard Munch

If you are looking for this large version of scream you will be looking in vain. Edvard Munch's childhood home has finally been restored, but the painting made by architect students fighting the demolition of the house has sadly been overpainted.

Until recently you could see this version of his famous painting "Scream" on the end wall at Pilestredet 30 A-B. This was the home of the famous Norwegian painter Edvard Munch during his childhood from 1868-1875.

These were important and deeply tragic years in the young Edvards life. The year he moved in here, he lost his mother in tuberculosis, and in 1877 he lost his sister, Johanne Sophie, born 1862. The Munch family was plagued by physical and mental illness, and this is evident through his paintings.

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Grey said...

Hey there! I'm still reading your blog. Nice graffiti. I've been enjoying your posts about Oslo and those last posts about Italian food. That food looks really good.

Tor Johnsen said...

Try it. It is quite easy to make. But if you make a little effort it gets even better. Homemade pizzadough and homemade tomatosauce - yum!!!