Friday, April 13, 2007

Sights of Oslo - off the beaten track

The Old Jewish Cemetery - Sofienberg

Close to the Sofienberg Church you see a small cemetery. This is in fact the first cemetery of the small Jewish community in Norway. Jews where closed out of Norway by the first Constitution of 1814. In 1851 the section of shame was removed from, and Jews where allowed to settle in Norway. During the Nazi occupation nearly half the small Jewish community were deported and died in the Nazi concentration camps.

The cemetery was in use from 1869-1917, and during that period 197 people were buried here. These are the graves of Abel Feinsilber (15.5 1850 - 16.12.1917), and Hillel Marcus Feinsilber (27.12.1848 - 11.5.1910).

When a new Jewish cemetery was established in 1917, the small cemetery at Sofienberg was abandoned. The cemetery was renovated 1997-1998.

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