Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Reypenaer VSOP 2 Years - A helluva cheese

As a gift to Øyvind and Stian I brought a Reypenaer VSOP 2 years to Stav Østre. A gift from my nephew Hans Ørnes from his last trip to Japan. A "use by" May 30th told me that this cheese adventure had matured enough and was ready to eat. And it was really a treat for my friends!

If you eat a regular Gouda, you will recognize its mild taste and firm consistency. An ordinary Gouda is , however, easy to slice or cut.

Not the Reypenaer. It has the hardness and even character of a delicious well matured Parmeggiano Reggiano. But it is easy to recognize the Gouda taste, in a stronger, more develloped form. It has a delicious nutty taste. It is hard to cut or even slice, and it does not crumble, the way a Parmeggiano does.

I will really say, you never tasted such a cheese. Not very available, but possible to order from Try it if you can. You are in for a treat!!

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Hans Ørnes said...

Glad you liked it! :)