Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Restaurants in Paris: Restaurant Orestias

Orestias is my favorite restaurant in Paris. It is messy and noisy and the waiters are real characters. They offer a small menu of inexpensive, seasonal Greek dishes.

By Guest writer Susanne Koch

The place
‘Greek?’ you say, ‘… in Paris?’ Yes, strangely my favorite Paris restaurant is Greek. Yet in many ways it is still a French experience. You find Orestias in the charming historic Latin Quarter. It is located just 50 yards off Boulevard Saint Germain
in Rue Gregoire de Tours.

My first (and worst) dinner in Paris ever was in this little street some 15 years ago. The choice of restaurants is huge here and for a first time visitor it is not easy to find the really good ones. After this disaster a friend told me to look for the busiest places. He explained to me that these restaurants would often be messy and untidy because the waiters would be too busy taking care of all the customers.

Oresatias is exactly such a place. When we had made our choices, the waiter simply scribbled them on our paper tablecloth. After our delicious, hearty meal he added the prices and summed it all up for us.

The food
We had a selection of greek starters for an appetizer: Stuffed wine leaves, tzatsiki, taramasalata, olives and spiced sausage. The serving was generous and the selection was very nice. My favorite was the taramasalata, a yogurt salad flavored with cod roe.

My companion had mixed grill, which turned out to be food enough for two; pork belly, chicken thigh, lamb chop and steak. It was all tender and tasty.

I had octopus in red wine sauce with rice. If you are squeamish, this is not for you. It looked like something out of Alien, but turned out to be an exquisite dish. The octopus was tender and the sauce was savory.

Orestias serves genuine no nonsense greek food in a very charming atmosphere. It was founded in 1932 and one of the waiters looks like he has been there the whole time. I always visit Orestias when I am in Paris and I enjoy myself every time.

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Anonymous said...

I loved this restaurant as well. It welcomed me with open arms when I first arrived from Canada on a cash strapped budget. However was shocked to discovered that it had closed...
a sad day!!