Thursday, April 12, 2007

Restaurants in Paris: Man-Lung Restaurant

My husband Per and I had dinner recently in the restaurant Man-Lung in Paris. This is a small authentic Chinese restaurant below a large neon sign with a huge menu to choose from and a clientele of mostly locals.

By guest writer Susanne Koch

Man-Lung is locates in the Trocadero/Passy area in Paris’ 14th arrondissement. It has about 10 tables and when it is full, it can get quite crowded. This just adds to the charm in my opinion.

We had soup for starters: Per had vegetable soup with egg, which was light yet satisfying and tasty and I, had Peking soup, which was hearty and spicy.

The menu offers a selection of steamed dumplings. I chose mixed dumplings and enjoyed the way they were served in a little bamboo steamer lined with lettuce. It all looked very pretty and the tastes were delicate. A little bit of the fiery hot chilly sauce added a little pizzazz.

Per had spicy chicken with cashew nuts and peppers. This is a course that is ubiquitous in Chinese restaurants and thus worked as a kind of litmus test. Man-Lung passed the test. There was plenty of tasty, juicy chicken, golden roasted nuts and crunchy peppers.

For desert I had diced mango, which was very refreshing. Per had banana fritters. The serving was generous, but it was a bit too sweet.

We have had many meals this restaurant over the years and always enjoyed the adventure of looking through all of the choices in the menu, the quaint and charming atmosphere and the genuine Chinese cooking.

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