Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Restaurants in New York City: Sammy’s

Sammy’s in Greenwich Village is a large, lively Chinese restaurant. This is perhaps not the place for a romantic anniversary dinner, but it is hard to beat for a hearty dinner on a weekday when you feel you deserve something extra.

By Guest writer Susanne Koch

Over all rating: BBBB
Sammy’s has a charming location, a huge menu, great food and huge helpings. The atmosphere is relaxed, but the interior is a bit on the Spartan side.

The menu: BBBBB
The menu is extensive: Home made noodles, all kinds of dumplings, stir-fries, huge bowls of steaming soup, and some nice vegetarian options.

The food: BBBBB
The food is great. I go to Sammy’s primarily for fabulous home made noodles, but all the dishes are delicately prepared, colorful and interesting. All though the meal you will be served ice water and tea on the house.

Location BBBB
Located on Avenue of the Americas and quite close to the Subway, the location is good. There are plenty of opportunities for shopping in the area.

The restaurant: BBB
The restaurant itself feels a little bare. The furniture is nothing special, the room is large and it lacks that intimate feeling I look for when I am out to reward myself after a day’s hard work.

453 6th Avenue
New York, NY

Susanne Koch is an Internet professional who works as an e-learning and web communication adviser at the University of Oslo. She blogs about search engines and search engine optimization at Pandia.com. Susanne loves to travel and blogs about her journeys at Susi's Souvenirs. You may also want to have a look at Susanne Koch's homepage.

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