Sunday, April 08, 2007

Planning a trip to South Africa

Finding the best airfare

We may be travelling to South Africa in September / October. This was an idea that came up at the dinner last wednesday. Well, I have to check my diary first, but I could not help myself. I just had to check the prices.

This is obviously not the best time to travel, as this period is late spring, early summer at the Southern Hemisphere, i.e. peak season. But as always did the price vary a lot.

The most surprising result was that Egypt Airlines offered great rates over Vienna and Cairo. Still this is not a very conveniant route, changing plane (or landing) twice, adding extra travelling time. Still the cheapest fare is offered by KLM and Kenyan Airways, at a total cost of 6462,- So we just have to decide to buy now, or take a chance and wait.

Here are the results, with the cheapest fare on 13 sites.

1. NOK 6462,- Airline: KLM/Kenya Airways
2. NOK 6683,- Airline: Egyptair
3. NOK 6782,- Airline: Egyptair
3. NOK 6782,- Airline: Egyptair
5. NOK 6832,- Airline: Egyptair
6. NOK 6932,- Airline: Egyptair
7. NOK 7441,- Airline: Lufthansa / SAA
8. NOK 7666,- Airline: Lufthansa / SAA
9. NOK 7762,- Airline: Lufthansa / SAA
10. NOK 8018,- Airline: Air France
11. NOK 8093,- Airline: Air France
12. NOK 8102 ,- Airline: Air France
13. NOK 14840,-

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