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Food stories from A-Z

An extraordinary dinner on an ordinary weekday (Cured Meats, Risotto, and Fruit Salad), Oslo
Around the world in an hour

Barcelona - foodstories
Barcelona - foodstories - An abundance of seafood, Barcelona
Barcelona - foodstories, Bacallà - a Scandinavian speciality, Barcelona
Bergen Food Hall and Fish market, Bergen
Biff á la Lindström, Oslo
Breakfast at El Fornet d'En Rossen, Barcelona

Chinatown, Boston MA
Couscous at Un Escale à Marrakech, Marseille
Crispy Chines Poultry, Chinatown, Boston MA

Dawn of the day of the duck, Oslo
Délice de Canard and Sauternes - What a way to start a meal (Vatnebu gård)
Delicacies in the wilderness, South Africa
Dining on the train - A story of lost glamour (Oslo-Tvedestrand)
Dinner at Giants Castle, October 1st (South Africa)

Eating at "Coquillages" (desserts day 1 and 2), Marseille
Eating at "Coquillages" (Duck breast with dried porcini mushrooms), Marseille
Eating at "Coquillages" (Fried salmon with creamed green pepper sauce), Marseille
Eating at "Coquillages" (Moules Farcies Provencal style), Marseille
Eating at "Coquillages" (Oven baked oysters with herb and garlic butter), Marseille
Eating at "Coquillages" (Salad with seafood and salad with baby squid), Marseille
Eating at La Coupole (Ducks legs in peach sauce, with fried aubergines and roasted potatoes and leeks), Marseille
Eating at La Coupole (The Gourmand Salade), Marseille
Eating at La Coupole (Honey and lavender glaced Duck Breast with grape sauce), Marseille
Eating at La Coupole (Lasagne with white goat cheese and smoked ham), Marseille
Eating at La Coupole (Salmon Raviolis with a creamed leek sauce), Marseille
Eating at La Daurade (The Bouillabaisse), Marseille
Eating at La Daurade (Profiteroles au foi gras de canard), Marseille
Eating at La Daurade (Sorbets), Marseille
Eating at La Fonda - desserts (crepe with chocolate sauce), Barcelona
Eating at La Fonda - desserts (Greek yoghurt with honey and nuts), Barcelona
Eating at Los Tapetes de Gaudí (Tapas), Barcelona
Eating at Santamonica (Duck Confit with Calvados Sauce), Barcelona
Eating at Santamonica(Foi gras de canard with fruits and armagnac essence), Barcelona
Eating at Santamonica (Sole fish filled with spinach and toasted almonds), Barcelona
Eating at Siddharta (Beef skewers), Barcelona
Eating at Siddharta (Chicken skewers), Barcelona
Eating at Siddharta (Pizza with rocket), Barcelona
Eating in Barcelona - Les Quinze Nitz (Carpaccio of beef), Barcelona
Eating in Barcelona - Les Quinze Nitz (The suquet de peix), Barcelona

Fair for food heroes - Farmers market in Oslo, June 10th 2007
The food market at La Rambla, Barcelona
Food Markets in Marseille - baking bread for 200 years, Marseille
Food markets in Marseille - fish and shellfish, Marseille
Food markets in Marseille - Rue Longue des Capucins, Marseille

My grandmothers and my mothers recipe books, Oslo
Great story on Berlin Street Food, Berlin
Grocery shopping at Estcourt (South Africa)

Halloween, Oslo
Hjortetakksalt - more information

Ice cream from Bakken Øvre, Løten
Icelandair - the food
In Memory of the Dead, Oslo
In the land of Danish pastry, Copenhagen
Italian specialities, Quincy Market, Boston

Jack Daniels Tennessee Whisky, an American classic

Keikos Japanese chicken, Oslo
Knutstad & Holen - A culinary oasis, Hamar

The lobster - the Cardinal of the Sea
Lucullian delights, a scrumptious Italian experience
Lunch in Zululand, Hammerstein, South Africa
Luxurious foods, the world of truffles

May 17th - as the day progress, Oslo
May 17th 2007 - in retrospect, Oslo
The Mediterranean Cuisine
More Goodness inside (Pietermarizburg, South Africa)

New England fish chowder, Fisherman's net at Quincy Market, Boston MA
New Years Eve 2007, Oslo

One rainy summer evening on the island, Brønnøya, Asker
Open sandwiches - a Scandinavian Food story, Oslo

A perfect duck breast, Oslo
Perfect food for the festive season? Call the Mummy-helpline!

Reypenaer VSOP 2 Years - A helluva cheese
NEW: Ribbe med surkål, Oslo

The Samui Institute of Thai Culinary Arts, Koh Samui
Seafood, Quincy Market, Boston MA
Serious home cooking, New England
Serving Danish Pastry to the citizens of Copenhagen since 1879, Reinh. van Hauen
Sherry, Cider, and Thai Chili - Sweeteners in savoury food, Oslo
Shopping in Barcelona - say cheese!! Barcelona
Shopping in Barcelona - unedible food at Effeti Natural, Barcelona
Shopping in Barcelona - Xocoa - To chocolate heaven and beyond! Barcelona
A short introduction to my grandmothers recipebook, Oslo
Sweet delicacies at Rue de Tongres, Brussels





Waking up the fairy in the Absinthe, Barcelona
What a swell party this is......., Oslo
What happened to poor little piglet? Barcelona




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