Sunday, April 15, 2007

Exclusive shopping in Oslo

When I moved to Oslo 27 years ago, the Norwegian capital seemed provincial, and it remained a backwater until 10 years ago. The increasing wealth of the Norwegians due to the countrys large oil production brought an end to this sad status.

This is particularly evident when you want to go shopping. Oslo has everything any other European capital has to offer. But a word of warning - clothes offered by European wide stores - be advised to buy them where you live. Oslo is an expensive city by European standards.

If you buy your hand bags at Louis Vuitton, I believe you could not care less. A bag here, will easily substitute the sum of money we mortals use during a vacation. This store opened not long ago, in a very good neighbourhood. It faces the back entrance of Stortinget, the Norwegian parliament. For those of you with a large bank account, it is important to know. Louis Vuitton is one of the few designers that has opened his own shop in Oslo. Usually you find the well known designer clothes in exclusive shops at the city centre.

For those of you with a good bank balance I might recommend a few stores to shop exclusive clothes in Oslo: (Sorry, but most on the links are in Norwegian only)

Good luck - and Enjoy!

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