Sunday, April 29, 2007

Blue Riband - good food in a chaotic hangar

The Blue Riband is the à la carte restaurant on board the M/F Pearl of Scandinavia. It is situated in the front of the vessel.

Location: BBB+

Easy to find, as you are on a ship. But The Blue Riband is a big and a little dark restaurant - so no wow factor to talk of.

Atmosphere: BBB

If you end close to the window on the side or at the front of the ship, I would add another B. If you are seated in the middle as we were, Blue Riband and the other restaurant 7 Seas, are more like hangars where huge numbers of people eat and drink. An overcrowded and slightly chaotic experience with a lot of noise. So talk to the staff and get one of the tables by the windows.

The tables were nicely set though, and we were comfortable seated and each of us had a reasonably good space to eat.

Price: BBBB

Food was included in the price, but the general price level of the restaurant is reflected in the quality of the food. The price of a three course dinner is favourable.

Service: BBBBB-

The staff was very pleasant and did work hard for their salary. The were no waiting time to talk of, but we did not get personal service in such an environment.

Food: BBBB

The food was good.

We were served sliced cold turkey, with a salad and cream dressing as an entrée. It was not very interesting. We were served a glass of chilled dry white wine.

As main course we had a Surf and Turf, a large piece of exceptionally tender meat garnished with a grilled langoustine. The latter was a little overcooked and tasteless, but the meat was to die for! Served with roasted potatoes and red wine sauce. We were recommended to swap the Ships wine with a Bourdeaux, and that was a good idea.

And the dessert - YUM! Chocolate mousse served with a chilled glass of Muscat wine. The mousse was creamy and it was heaven with the wine.

Overall rating: BBBB (3,89)

Decent food, good service but overcrowded and noisy.

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