Saturday, March 24, 2007

The true Boston lager - Sam Adams

Sam Adams is the true Boston lager. I had my first taste of this great brew back in the late 80's and I loved it from the first mouthfull. Since then it has been one my favourite. Not only because it is good, but when I take my first sip of a pint of Sammy I know that I am in Beantown.

This brand is challenged by other breweries, smaller and larger. The later years I have seen a increasing number of varieties. My cousin know my love for beer, and had bought these three fellas, Sam Adams Honey Porter, Brown Ale, and Black Lager for me to enjoy, and I did. Very different and very drinkable. It is very difficult to chhose one for another, but I particularly liked the Black Lager, red ruby coloured, with a distinct malty character and smooth finish. Yum!

Read more on the official Samuel Adams website

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