Sunday, March 25, 2007

2006-2007: Recipes from A-Z

Asparagus and broccoli soup with German Bratwurst

Barbeque pork chops with Ah-So sauce
Bean soup with chicken
Bearnaise sauce
Beef tenderloin
Beef stew from Burgundy
Beef stew with beer
Boneless long roast chicken with tabbouleh and cheddar cheese
Breakfast croissants with ham and mustard
Breakfast croissants with mozarella and spanish chorizo
Breakfast croissants with mustard, spinach, ham, and bluecheese
Bruschetta with pesto genovese and parmeggiano
Bruschetta with red pesto and gorgozola

Cannelloni with meat ragout and bechamel sauce
Cannelloni with spinach and cottage cheese
Cheddar chicken, The famous
Chicken aspic with peas and asparagus
Chicken breast stuffed with blue cheese and sundried tomatoes
Chicken filet Cordon Bleu with oven roast vegetables and potatoes dauphinoise
Chicken korma with gratin dauphinoise
Chicken noodle soup
Chicken risotto with ceps and spanish chorizo
Chicken roulade with franco-italian filling
Chicken roulade with ricotta and pesto
Chicken roulade with spanish filling
Chicken roulade with spinach and feta cheese
Chilimarinated tenderloin of pork à la Wellington
Chocolate Mousse
Chorizos in sherry
Crayfish terrine with a spicy crayfish salad
Creole Chowder
Crispy Italian bruschetta
Crispy Italian Triple Dekker
Cup Cakes from Heaven
Cup Cakes reincarnated

Danish night-snack
Dim Sum dumplings
Dim Sum dumplings
Duck breast, how to prepare a perfect and succulent

Eastman (secret) fish chowder
Eggplant Parmeggian

Forty little piggies
Fried mackerel with sour cream sauce
Fried seafood

Garlic bread to keep the Devil away
Grandmas Norwegian teabread
Grandmas "profesorer"

In caprese bites
Irish corned beef

Klot og duppe

Lamb ragù
Lasagna, leftover style
Le Suprême de Blancs de Volaille au Foie de Canard
Lobster Terrine
Long roast chicken with stuffing and oven roast vegetables
Long roast duck-thighs in orange and thai chilli

Making a good stock
Mashed potatoes
Manchego cheese with spicy orange marmalade
Marinated long roast lamb with vegetables
Meat Roulade with Roasted Peppers and Taleggio Cheese

New England fish pie with asparagus
Norway Lobsters

Pesto-marinated halibut with bacon
Pete McDonnells Fish Pie
Pinxtos with paté of venison and black truffles
Pinxtos with salmon mousse
Porcini tagliatelle with creamed mushroom and sherry sauce
Pork ribs with crispy cracklings
Pork Rib with crispy cracklings 2007
Pork tenderloin with cider roasted onions and baked asparagus
Potato soup, leftover style
Potato and asparagus soup, leftover style
Prawn soup with fennel and red pepper
Puff pastry calzone with red peppers, salami, and mozarella

Roast duck with stuffing

Roast of lamb, with oven roasted potatoes and asparagus and morel sauce with cognac
Roasted chicken with garlic, pepper and lemon

Salmon with mustard and lime in puff pastry
Salmon mousse with herbs
Salmon and Tuna mousse with sweet chili
Salmon nibbles with sweet chili
Scandinavian open sandwich with egg and anchovis
Scandinavian open shrimp sandwich with salmon
Seafood in spicy olive oil and white wine
Shrimp and Asparagus Salad with Saffron Mayonnaise
Skagenrøre (Shrimp salad from Skagen, Denmark)
Smoked salmon with lime and pink peppercorns
Smooth dark chocolate mousse with Cointreau
Spanish langoustines in garlic
Spelt toast with cheese, turkey breast and Thai chili sauce
Spaghetti with butter, parmeggiano, and black truffles
NEW: Spaghetti with tomato sauce
Spinach soup
Stuffed quails with wild rice and warm figs

Tagliatelle with a creamed tomato sauce with raw Spanish chorizos
Grandaunt Sonjas turkey roasted in a paper bag
Todays soup
Tomato and onion soup

Vol-au-vents with mushroom and sherry sauce, with wild rice and asparagus

Wonderfully easy chicken noodle soup
Wraps with Spanish serrano ham and cream cheese with chili