Thursday, March 01, 2007

Lunch in Bostons North End

La Piccola Venezia - only once in a life time

As I visited Boston for 5 hours, February 28th, I decided to eat in the North End. This is the oldest and most charming part of the city. Here you find most of the monuments of the Freedom trail, the walking tour along the most important momunents that played a part of the Boston Tea Party.

Most of North End is dominated by the Italians. Here you can have the greatest food in small family run restaurants. I decided to try one of them, and by walking up and down one of the main streets, Hanover street, I chose Piccola Venezia. Well, that was definitely a once in a lifetime experience. I will not return. Not that the food tasted good, or that the service was bad, but due to it was mediocre and uninteresting.

Location: BBB

Piccola Venezia is situated at one of the main streets of the North End, Hanover street and is easy to locate of you that do want to visit it. But it has no wow-factor. If you want to find a more romantic place to eat, you are adviced to look for a restaurants in one of the smaller sidestreets.

Atmosphere: BBB

The restaurant has a charming interior of red brick walls, dark wooden tables and chairs, and a lot of different Italian nicknacks on the walls. There are paper table covers, and a simple table setting. The interior is probably its best feature, overall.

Service: BBBB

I do not know whether I should give a rating of three or four B's. I chose 4, in spite of the fact that I hate to get the bill before I ask for it. That is maybe the worst side of the service in the US. Still the waiter insisted that I should take it easy, in spite of the fact that he placed the bill on the table, and was very helpful throughout the meal.

Food: BB

Fried Calamares with a dipping Marinara sauce with a sidedish of taglioni with Marinara sauce. Bread and butter. Amount - very much. Taste - as calamares is supposed to taste, nothing more. The marinara sauce was not very interesting, nor was the side dish. The parmeggiano was not the one freshly grated, but the dried sawdust type. It did not taste bad, but it was hairraisingly uniteresting. The only really good thing was a draught pint of Peroni Nastro Azzurro, dripping cold and refreshing.

Price: BB

$20 may not be a fortune, but a little overpriced. Well one good thing was that you stomach was filled up.

The overall Piccola Venezia experience: BBB- (2,8 points)

Only once in a life time - for me! Hasta la Vista!!

Adress: 263 Hanover St Boston, MA 02113-2322
Phone: 1-617-523-3888

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