Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Giving old dinners new life

Recycling leftovers - lasagna, leftover style

I expected my American cousin back, and had invited a friend for dinner - and had a hangover. What was I supposed to do? Use the leftovers you jerk!! And I did!

I loose my ability to lead you in the land of leftovers, as there are no recipes here. You have to use your imagination on you quest for the right taste to develop and wait for the right consistency to appear. I had some chicken stock, around a pint, and some frozen vegetables. Well, I visited my Turkish vegetable market, bought some celery, onion, two cans of italian plum tomatoes, and started.

I chopped a few medium sized onions, some celery and garlic, fried them in a little hot oil, and added some leftover bacon. Then I poured the two cans of tomatoes, the stock and the leftover vegetables in the pot. Added (much) sugar, provence herbs and a bay leaf. If there had been some leftover wine (there rarely are) I would have used that as well.

Then I went back to bed as the tomato sauce simmered over a very low heat for an hour or a little more....... Remember when you make tomato sauce to use much sugar, to take the bitterness out of the tomatoes. But restrain yourself and taste, as you do not want to end up with a pudding!

I used some ready made Mornay sauce that I had bought in Copenhagen, around 1 pint. Great to use. Found a large baking dish (a foot by five inches, and 3 inches deep). Poured a little olive oil in the bottom. Placed lasagna sheets on the bottom until they covered, poured over half the sauce. Then some cheese on top before I pressed on the next layer of lasagna sheets. Poured half the Mornay sauce over and added another layer of cheese. Then another layer of tomato sauce, cheese, lasagna plates, mornay sauce. Then I use a generous amount of cheese on the top, before I placed the lasagna in a fairly hot oven (180-200 C/360-400F), for 30-40 minutes.

Ann and Laila loved the lasagna, by the way. They did not know that I had been to the land of leftovers that day!!

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