Thursday, March 01, 2007

Feng Shui, Cohasset, MA

To indulge in a Chinese Buffet

In Cohasset, south of Boston, you find Feng Shui, serving a range of different chinese meals, and a good Chinese lunch buffet. We went there, and left very content, at a price of only $20.

Location: BB

The location, in a small mall, outside Cohasset, may make it difficult to find for others than the locals. For those of you, that want to eat in a more beautiful setting, you are adviced to seek out a restaurant in the charming towns of Cohasset, Hingham, or Scituate.

Atmosphere: BBB

You do not visit the Feng Shui to expect to enjoy your food in an authentic Chinese atmosphere. In style, it is clean and simple, with just a few chinese decorative pieces around. No fancy table settings, different plates, forks and knives. This might be charming, but here it was not.

Service: BBB

The service is was in general good, but I and my cousin had some problems to understand what the waiter said. When arriving, at 12.15 PM, the buffet was not ready, so we had to wait for the food to arrive. We were, in a period, left in some confusion, by the staff, when we would be allowed to start to eat.


I love these buffets, as you are allowed to pick from so many different Chinese and Japanese dishes. There are dumplings, deep fried meats with batter, noodle dishes, woked vegetables and also sushi and sashimi. And it all tastes great!!It is a pity, really, that you do not have more room. When you come to Feng Shui, you come here for the food!! And do as I do, order a cold Chinese beer - Tsingtao, with it.

Price: BBBBB

$20 a piece - very inexpensive for such a good meal!!

Feng Shui - overall score: BBBB- (3,6)

Adress: 380 Chief Justice Cushin
Cohasset, MA

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