Sunday, February 18, 2007 - sights off the beaten track

You will not find the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building or Mount Rushmore as sights portrayed in This is truly a great site for some very off the beaten track sights and a good laugh. There are some seriously strange stories behind the headlines very difficult not to explore.

Behind this site you find the trio Doug Kirby, Ken Smith, Mike Wilkins, that launched the site already in 1996, and it has, in their words, taken off since.

As I am going to Boston the coming week, I wondered what RoadsideAmerica could offer in the Beantown area. This is what I found. What about the Ether Dome in Massachusetts General Hospital, the historic site where they used anesthesia for the first time during surgery? If I would travel to Sherborn MA, I can stand in awe at "Sacred Cow Animal Rights Memorial", erected to honour Emily, the run-away cow, that escaped a slaughterhouse and became a local spokescow for a non-meat human diet!

The latest tourist news column similarly offers some very interesting headlines. Did you know that there are plans to make an alien theme park in Roswell N.M. ! Eat you heart out E.T!! Or that there has been sightings of Virgin Mary in a freezer at Thriftway supermarket in Morton, TX! Take out your rosary beads and book a ticket!!

Also the last visitor trips really offers some other real treats. Did you know that there is a statue of Lenin in Atlantic City N.J. and a that a large viking statue towers over the city of Lake Placid N.Y? Behind the headlines Contagious sightings you find numerous reports of Colossal Cow statues (Cowlossus of roads) or sightings of white squirrels in five US states.

You will be amazed by the sights you can find over The United States of America!! If you see something not reported during your travel you are free to leave it on their electronic attraction map. And when you find your quirky monument, you may look for accomodation for your pilgrimage. The site offers its own Hotel and Motel Finder, and it covers more than the big cities! It had a good deal for the Inn at Scituate Harbour. But who needs it - I will stay with my cousin.

If you live in the US, check out this site - and find a strange sight close to you! And it might be a good guide for us non US citizens, planning a vacation, as well. Have fun!!

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