Monday, February 26, 2007

Scituate MA - a community on the Irish riviera.

The town of Scituate, a 40 minute drive south of Boston, is situated on the Irish riviera, as the community and its surroundings have a strong Irish influence. It is a very old town, dating back to 1636, and here you find the oldest building still standing in the US, Barker Tavern, dating back to 1634. The town centre is situated along a main street, and here you have small charming shops, restaurants and bars in a charming mix of new and old buildings.

The town and the surrounding area is changing rapidly. Many people buy their summer homes here, and due to the proximity to Boston, many city dwellers leave their lives in downtown Boston behind and buy their home in this charming town. From 2008, it will be even more attractive for commuters, as the Boston subway extend the red line from Braintree to Scituate.

Scituate is a weather hotspot. Here you really can feel the effect of the high tides and wind from the strong storms that hit the coast. In the areas most vulnerable to the tides it is required to build the houses on pillars allowing the damaging tidal waters to escape, without damaging the buildings. On the picture, you see another barrier. Strong flood walls built to protect the coastline and buildings against the damaging effects of the sea.

Scituate is a great place to stay, during the season and off season. In spite of the fact that you are so close to Boston, the big city is still so far away. It is definitely a nice place to go to. You find a very good hotel here, the Inn at Scituate harbour where you can enjoy some quiet days by the seaside.

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