Sunday, February 11, 2007

Recycling yesterdays lamb disaster

Even tough meat may turn tender, and the leftovers from yesterdays lamb disaster will get new life through, what the italians call a ragù

Lamb ragù

The amount of ingredients in this recipe is really not important. A ragù is made with the ingredients you have at hand. But you need meat, preferably very tough meat, as this will simmer for a very long time. You also need garlic, herbs and tomato pulp or passata. Do remember to taste the ragù as the cooking progress - and do use a generous amount of sugar to cut the acidity of the tomatoes.


Leftover meat - her 300 grs / 11 oz tough lamb, diced
7-8 cloves of garlic. I use garlic in olive oil
Olive oil, amount by choice, but enough to brown the meat
1 can of plum tomato pulp or passata
250 ml / 7,5 fluid oz water
100 ml / 3 fluid oz single cream
Herbs (dried organo, rosemary, thyme)
1/2 small zucchini, diced
1-2 tbsp liquid beef stock
20 grs of dried ceps
Generous amount of sugar, taste to season right

Pasta (Here I have used tagliatelli with cep-mushrooms)

Grated parmeggiano reggiano

Fry meat and garlic, and add zucchini. Lightly brown them. Add the herbs.
Add the passata, water, beef stock and cream. Then add sugar and pepper. Add the ceps dieectly in the liquid.

You can also use tomato ketchup to replace some of the sugar. Allow to simmer for three hours.

Boil pasta according to the instruction. Mix ragù with pasta. Sprinkle with grated parmeggiano.

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