Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Lucullian delights - a scrumptious Italian experience

Ilva Beretta, a swede married and settled in Pistoia in Tuscany, has created a food website to die for. Lucullian delights - an Italian experience is a sensational food site in more than one way. Beautifully designed with clever, creative recipes combining unusual ingredients and sensational photos makes it into a feast for the eye. Click here, and immediately indulge in the Lucullian experience!

I stumbled on the site, while exploring a list in Food porn watch, and I immediately was filled with admiration and, I have to admit, envy. My blog suddenly looked boring and unadventurous. Still, Ilvas sites are the ones to learn from, as she has the secret how to make a good blog into an excellent blog.

Lucullian Delights have the most exquisite photos, I have seen in a very long time, echoing my own experiences of the scenery, buildings, and food of Tuscany. She captures the ingredients before and during the preparation into the finished dish, beautifully presented. You get very, very hungry in the process, as you indulge into the Lucullan delights. Ilva does not only take photos of food, in between the great recipes she presents Tuscan scenery, buildings, plants, flowers, all as delicately presented as her food.

Ilva Beretti does not present recipes from the traditional Tuscan kitchen, rather her intrepretation of it. She also presents her own culinary creations combining interesting ingredients creating the most scrumptious soups, salads, and pasta dishes. Still there is one important part of the Italian tradition reflected in her cooking. Less is more.

Italians use few rather than many ingredients in their food. In fact italian cooking is often very basic, but the quality and freshness of the few ingredients used, transform the simplest pastadish into a heavenly experience. I, for instance, one warm night in July in the year 2000 had pasta with pesto Genovese in a local restaurant in Viagliagli in Chianti and a bottle of the local wine. It tasted as no pasta with pesto had tasted before - magic.

One example of this is one of her latest creations, Red beetroot soup with horseradish ricotta (Zuppa di barbabietole e crama di ricotta e rafiano) where she turns the ingredients into the most colourful and sexy dish I have seen. Her photos show the tranformation from root vegetable, into the intensely lipstick red soup, with a floating lump of horseradish-flavoured macarpone in the middle.

Go and experience Ilvas world. I will certainly continue to browse, exploring the pages I have not visited, and I will certainly try her recipes.


Monica said...

It's a good site, but I quite enjoy your blog more. It's different. I loved the photo you posted. Wish I was there feeling the breeze with a nice glass of wine.

Tor Johnsen said...

Thank you, Monica!

Tor Johnsen said...

Thank you, Monica!

ilva said...

Thank you ever so much for this post! You are too nice and I don't really know what to say! More than THANK YOU of course and that your words make me very happy and proud!