Sunday, February 25, 2007

The first night in the new world - Blue Moon, Norwell MA

In the affluent community of Norwell, on Bostons south shore, you find Blue Moon restaurant. As expected on a Saturday evening at 8 PM, people were out dining in numbers. So we ended up in the bar.

We did not eat much at the Blue Moon, so a full review is not in its place. However, judging from the two appetizers we ordered, I would say that the food served was very tasteful, inventive and interesting. I had two pints of Chiswick beer.

We ordered two appetizers, a crab and avocado mousse (image on top), served with fried wanton skins with pickled fruits and wasabi oil. Great nibble indeed, and beautifully presented.

Then we had steamers (right), i.e. mussels steamed in wine, garlic, tomatoes, and many other ingredients, with waffle potatoes. Social food, and the fried potatoes were delicious, partly crisp, and partly soaked in the delicious juices.

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