Sunday, February 04, 2007

Ferry services to Norwegian ports

If you want to bring your car, and maybe your camper to Norway you can drive non-stop from the continent. However, the easy way is often a ferry. The reason is that the non-stop driving will bring you through Denmark and Sweden (and you will have to pay for at least one ferry). In addition many roads in Scandinavia are toll roads, and you have to pay up at every toll-station. So it will cost you money to drive non-stop, money often better spent on a ferry ticket.

A ferry will often bring you closer to your destination. If you want to see the impressive mountains of Western Norway you can take a ferry to Kristiansand, Stavanger, and even better Bergen. If you want to drive to the cradle of modern wintersport Telemark, you can take a ferry to Larvik.

In addition, you may enjoy a good meal, and a nights sleep on you way to your destination and buy some much needed custom free goods. Alcohol and sigarettes bear heavy duties in Norway. But remember! Norway is not a member of the European Union. Therefore there are strict quotas on how much you may bring into the country.

Ferryservices to Norwegian cities.

Here are a list of ferryservices to Norway from ports in Europe, the UK and Iceland. Many of the services are daily, all year around. Others ferrys sails on other schedules. Go to the website to find out prices and timetables. Some services operates on more than one port during one crossing, i.e. Bergen - Lerwick - Tòrshavn.

Unfortunately I have tried to locate English websites for Stena Line and Smyril Line without having found any. Bad services for foreign travellers.


  • Bergen (Smyril Line)
Newcastle upon Tyne
  • Bergen (Smyril Line)

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