Thursday, February 01, 2007

Breakfast in Copenhagen

The Café à Porta

My sister had read about the café in a paper. We knew nothing about it. Now I know where I will eat danish "morgenmad" when I visit Copenhagen in the years to come. Closer to perfection is difficult to come.

The café is named after Stephan à Porta, that opened a café in an older building by Kongens Nytorv as far back as 1857. This café became very popular with the city elite, and the famous fairy-tale writer Hans Christian Andersen used to be visitor at the café, as he lived close by.

Starting a day with breakfast at Café à Porta is a wonderful experience. I do not have enough experience to give the café a full review, but I will still give it room here at Enjoy Food & Travel as it is not simply a place to eat - it is an experience to be enjoyed with all senses!!

Adress: Kongens Nytorv 17

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