Saturday, February 17, 2007

Allesverloren Shiraz 2005: An exquisite wine

Allesverloren - "all is lost" - nothing could be further away from the truth, as this wine is one of the best I've had for ages. If you see this bottle in you local shop, do not hesitate to buy a few ! A great choice for a romantic candle light dinner!

The producer, Allesverloren estate, is situated in Swartland , 100km north east of Cape Town. The estate goes back as far as 1696. The Allesverloren brand covers a whole range of wines from different grapes. I have tasted their wine made from the grape tinta barocca earlier and it was terrific. This wine, made from 100% shiraz, was, in my mind even better.

The colour is deep ruby red. It has an extremely rich taste of red berries, plums and spiced oak. It has a high alcohol content (14,7%), and is very suitable for red meats and game. This is also a very good wine for a quiet evening in front of the fire.

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