Tuesday, February 27, 2007

An 80th anniversary at PJs country house, Scituate MA

Great food and good company.

I had the privilege to attend the 80th anniversary of John York Brady, at PJs country house, sunday February 25th. He, his wife, five children and 16 grandchildren were present and we were served an excellent dinner in a great atmosphere.

I had never ben to PJs before and I loved its classic New England style. Beautifully set tables, dark wooden chairs, in a 18th century style. As we arrived we were served fingerfood to our drinks, angels on horsebacks, large tiger prawns with a tomato sauce, and crabcakes.

We had a truly great four course dinner. First a great classic New England chowder - a rich creamed fish soup made with bacon, onions, clams, good fish stock and cream, and served with crackers. I have had cream chowder several times, but I think this is the best chowder I have ever eaten.

Then we were served a salad with caesar salad dressing, salad leaves, carrots, tomatoes - delicious! As the main course I had the most delicious breaded fish with potatoes and herb butter. My cousins were served a seriously large and tender slice of prime rib. And it was presented with a little orchid on the side.

As dessert they served the birthday cakes, a cream cake and a very rich chocolate gateau. This was great food, and having good company turned this evening into a memorable event.

My compliments to Elaine and John Y. Brady!!


perkoch said...

Aaaah, det ser ut til at du har det godt, Tor!


Tor Johnsen said...

Jeg har det kjempebra!! Det er masse historier som ligger klare for pblisering, man hvor jeg venter paa billedene. Haaper dere har det bra!! Her er det sol, og litt over null, men snart kommer en stor snoestorm.