Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Where crusaders enjoyed their ale....

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem and other very old places to enjoy your ale

Along side the house of Nicholas Flamel in Paris there are other extremely old historic places to visit to drink or enjoy a good meal. The oldest history of some of them are lost in the mist of time, but if legends are true the oldest goes back 818 years in time - Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem.....

This public house in Nottingham is dated through the painted signs on the building wall. There are however no documentation to verify its true age. Still lengends say that the famous crusader King Richard Lionheart and his men enjoyed a pint of ale, on their way to fight the sarascens in the Holy Land. The pub building as it stands today, dates back only 300 years, but behind, in the Castle Rock of Nottingham there are caves, that might have housed the original medieval pub.

In Nottingham there are two other pubs claiming to be extremely old, Ye Salutation Inn claiming to date back to 1240 and the Bell Inn that claims to have served great ale from the time when a group of Carmelite Friars arrived in 1276.

And here are some other old public houses to visit:

  • Ye Olde Fighting Cocks, St Albans, very old public house, situated in an 11th century building, claims to be even older than Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem
  • The Royal Standard of England, Beaconsfield, claiming nearly a thousand year history, and being the oldest english free house
  • Adam and Eve, Norwich, anno 1248
  • The Pickerel Inn, Cambridge, early 15th century
  • The Golden Cross Hotel, Shrewsbury, anno 1495
  • The Kings Arms, Oxford, anno 1607
  • Lamb & Flag, London, anno 1623
  • Citti of York, London, anno 1645

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