Friday, January 19, 2007

What is for dinner today, then?

Chicken risotto with ceps and spanish chorizo

Risotto is one of the dishes it's difficult to provide a good recipe. It is however imperativ to use the native arborio rice with much starch that make the risotto very creamy. Then use bacon or any other salted cured meats, I will use a chorizo.

Fry the rice, onions, sliced ceps, and the chorizo in some oil until rice is covered in oil and slightly browned. Then add good stock and stir until the rice has soaked in the stock and then add more stock until rice is tender. When rice is nearly tender, add some cream, some sherry, saffron, and grated parmigiano. The saffron is a Midas touch - it will give this dish a golden colour.

At the end add fried chicken and allow the meat to be heated through. This is comfort food for the cold season.

And what to drink? I love a pint of beer.

Try it - and enjoy!!

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