Monday, January 01, 2007

Sights of Barcelona: Gaudi

No one has left its mark on Barcelona as much as Antoní Gaudi. As he graduated as an architect in 1878, his teacher, Elies Rogent, expressed his bewilderment of his pupils talent. As he signed Gaudí's title, he declared, "I have either found a lunatic or a genius." From his graduation until he was run over by a tram in 1926 Gaudí expressed his strong catholic faith through so many different styles and architecural expressions. Today nobody doubts Gaudís place as one of the most remarkable architects the world has ever seen.

The last time I visited Barcelona, I watched the facade of the Sagrada Familia, with awe from the outside, and I visited Park Guëll. This time, I managed to enter this majestic church building and revisit the park as well as the famous Casa Milà at Passeig de Gracia. I will share my memories of these wonderful monuments for you her at Enjoy Food & Travel. But if you travel to Barcelona, you have to visit these sites to see for yourself the wonderful heritage Antoní Gaudi has left the world.

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