Monday, January 01, 2007

Sights of Barcelona: Park Guëll

Park Guëll

Park Guëll is situated on a hillside and from the park you can enjoy a spectacular view of the city. You can easily reach the park by taking subway L3, direction Canyelles, leaving at Vallcarca. From there you follow the signs, and you do not have to loose your breath to get there. There are outdoor escalators all up to the top of the hill.

Park Guëll shows so many of Gaudís styles. Some of the walkways he designed looks like more like natural grottos, than man made constructions. Standing there you have a spooky feeling being on the set of the Lord of Rings movies. This is contrasted by a hall held up by large columns, nearly egyptian in style.

There are so many expressions in buildings, through wrought iron decorations, tiles, mosaics and much more. Parc Guëll is one of these places you have to return to in order to discover new details you have not seen before. For instance, this time I discovered a beacon on the top, I had not seen before, with steps to climb and shaped like a small ziggurat, like the tower of Babel.


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