Friday, January 05, 2007

Sights of Barcelona: Barri Gothic

In the Barri Gotic you are brought back to medieval times, when Barcelona was protected by large city walls. Some of these can still be seen, and the base of the wall close to the cathedral goes even back to Roman era. The narrow old streets have changed little since then.

I love the Barri Gotic. You want to walk into every little dark street, and if you do, you suddenly find yourself in a little square. In these streets you find chic designer hotels, strange small shops, intimate and sometimes very dark bars and restaurants.

It is a wonderful area, and I will try to share some impressions with you from my walks in the medieval labyrinth. There are also interesting churches in the Barri Gotic. The Cathedral, Santa Maria del Pi, Sant Jaume. Beautiful places of worship even today for the citizens of Barcelona.

But the narrow streets may also be dangerous places to walk at daytime and after dark. Be adviced not to enter deserted streets as you may be robbed by criminals hiding in the dusk.

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Grey said...

Jesus Christ! Dark streets may look dangerous but they aren't. In the XXI Century's Barcelona when tourists are like a plague in Barri Gòtic there's nothing to be afraid of, I'm telling you. Ok, perhaps you can see some drug dealers (they are not going to do anything to you, they just sell marihuana) and there are some pickpockets (but you have to be so stupid to be robbed). Nowadays, Barcelona's old town is far from being a dangerous place.