Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Shopping in Barcelona - unedible food at Effeti Natural

Try a bite of this mango and papaya pie, and you will find it completely unedible. This is a part of the food shelf at Effeti Natural in Barri Gothic. I do want to reveal to you, however, that this is a shop that sells soaps and bathing products in every imaginable and unimaginable shape.

Many of them, however, look more like the real thing, and you can buy some other amazing products to increase your well being. We fell for their effervescent bathing bombs. As I was in possession of a bathtub I bought two effervescent bathing bombs called pink champagne for my evening bath. Aaaah!! They turned out to be pure luxury!! Do find Effeti Natural! They will make wonderful gift baskets from the large selection of soaps, as well, and you or the lucky one will have a great laugh.


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