Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Shopping in Barcelona. The airport - the final temptation

If you have strolled up and down Passeig de Gracia, combed all the floors at Il Corte Ingles or looked through the foodmarkets without having found anything, do not be unhappy. You may buy the things you need at Barcelona airport.

The airport in Barcelona is one big shoppingmall intending to lure away the euros you were supposed to use somewhere else. I think this airport has the larges numbers of shops I have ever seen during my travels. And you can buy toys, clothes, jewellry, local food, wine and much much more. Many different brands, spanish or international are represented here and you can purchase articles, expensive and inexpensive.

So if you have some money left or a large creditlimit - shop till you drop!! Good luck!!


Grey said...

Hey Tor! What can I say? I'm an economics student from Barcelona interested in everything going on around me. I like music, art, politics, food, travel... I liked your blog because of your Barcelona travel, but it's gonna be interesting to read about your next trips. I've been in Eastern Europe this summer and I'm coming back to Krakow next month. Have you been there? Marc.

Tor Johnsen said...

No, I have not been to Krakow, but I read an article recently in a Norwegian paper. It claimed that even if Krakow is a great, very well preserved medieval city it is no place to eat. The recommended Wierzynek on the square in the old city(Rynek Glowny 15) that has served the citizen of Kraow since 1364. I will soon write an article on very old places to eat and drink like Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem in Nottingham founded in 1139 or La Couronne in Rouen founded 1345. A hundred years before Jeanne d'Arc was burnt at the stake.
So let me know how you find Krakow? I have visited Warszawa twenty years ago, when it hid behind the iron curtain. And much has changed since then!!

Tor Johnsen