Friday, January 12, 2007

Preparing tapas - Pinxtos

Pinxtos are tapas served as small crostinis, slices of easily toasted slices of fine bread. You can serve these with different toppings. I served three different varieties at Ketils party, and will present two here.

Pinxtos with salmon mousse

20 slices of bread, lightly toasted

How to make the salmon mousse.

Four pieces of salmon (17 0unces / 500 grs)
8 fluid ounces / 200 ml of single cream (20%)
10 fluid ounces / 300 ml of whole milk (4%)
2 leaves of gelatin
1 stock cube of fish stock (to around a pint of liquid)
Dried dillweed
1 ½ tbsp of sweet thai chili

Soak gelatin in cold water until softened

Pour milk and cream into a pan and heat to boiling point, add stock cube, dillweed and the brine from the tuna. Reduce heat. Poach salmon in liquid 10-15 minutes. Take out and remove skin and bones.

Take gelatin out and dissolve in hot liquid. Add thai chili.

Place the salmon and tuna in a blender, ad liquid, and blend until smooth. Place in container and allow to cool in refrigerator until set.

Cut mousse into slices. Place on bread. Garnish with roe, shelled shrimps or a thin slice of smoked salmon.

Pinxtos with paté of venison and black truffles

10 slices of bread, lightly toasted
200 grs / 8 oz paté of venison
10 grs of black truffles

Slice the paté into 10 slices. Place on bread. Take a very sharp knife. Cut the truffle into thin slices for garnish.

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