Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Pictures from a Tapas buffet

When my friend Ketil Johan Zahl decided to celebrate his 50th anniversary, I offered to make a tapas buffet. The buffet should feed 11, but as one of the guests called in sick, I cooked for 10. That is a hell of lot of tapas, but I am proud to say that Ketil and his wife were very happy with the result.

Pinxtos with tuna salad and fried red peppers
Pinxtos with salmon mousse with sweet chili
Pinxtos with paté of venison with black truffles
Small pizzas with mozarella, olives and spanish chorizo
Chicken wings in a hot smokie mesquite barbeque sauce
King prawns with a sweet italian sauce
Little piggies: Prunes rolled in a slice of bacon
Spanish chorizos in sherry
Croustades with trout roe and sour cream
Salmon nibbles, small wraps filled with salmon mixed with cream cheese with chives

Here you see the the result - the tapas buffet, and I will present some of what I made here at Enjoy Food & Travel.

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