Saturday, January 27, 2007

More dumplings

Today Per and Susanne Koch will come and help me to improve Enjoy Food & Travel. And even computer wizards need food. And what to serve. Small pizza swirls when they come, and then - dumplings.

I love steamed dumplings. Last weekend I had three varieties, and this weekend 7. Here I will present two of them:

Siu Mai - the round dumplings are made with pork and tasted with sesame oil

Gau Choi Kau - are the large white dumplings with prawns, waterchestnuts, pork, and chives.

I also bought another dumpling to prepare:

Har Kau - prawn dumpling, containing, scampi, bamboo shots and pork

These dumplings may be prepared in two different ways. The ones with rice paper, may be deep fried, as well as steamed. The dumplings wrapped in bean curd are better steamed. And do buy a bamboo steamer, if you find one. They are great.

Serve dumplings with sweet chilisauce, sesame oil and soy. Yum!!!

Monica in London recommended Ping Pong, if you want to indulge in some good steamed and deep fried dim sum, while visting the metropolis.

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