Wednesday, January 31, 2007

M/F Crown of Scandinavia

Eating at bistro Latitude

The Bistro Latitude is situated at the 8th deck, close to the bar. It shares kitchen with the three á la carte restaurants. It has a relatively small menu to choose from.

The interior: BBB

It is hard to find an intimate atmosphere on board a ship. This also with Bistro Latitude. It is situated on both side of the walkway. The furniture is in light wood, blue carpets, red chairs. There are no glasses, cutlery, or china placed on the table. So very spartan impression, indeed.

Price level and quality: BBBB

It offers a relatively small number of salads, entrees, and desserts. The price of the food are low, from €8 to €15. You can also get a reasonably good bottle of wine in the price range €15-20. The quality is good, and you get real value for money. Big portions, well prepared vegetables, fish and meat.

Service: BB

The service at Latitude was very poor. It took ages even to get our drinks. This due to (what we noticed) the fact that it was seriously understaffed. The waiter (2nd day - waiters), took their turn in the other restaurants. So this is a real drawback for this restaurant. There are menus in English as well as in Scandinavian languages.

Food: BBB+

The food was good value for money. A delicious winter salad and a salad with warm goat cheese, a red fish with salad, that was a little bit more plain. and a Mexican sandwich with salsa, guacamole, and nachos. The meat in the sandwich was very tender, but it did not taste very much.

We were served a very good apple pie, and a very rich chocolate gateau. But they best thing - they served a delicious cheese platter!!!

We shared a bottle of red wine wine on our way down and up. A ships wine (Laroche), and a Paradyskloof from South Africa. Pay the €2,50 extra to get the Paradyskloof. It tasted so much better.

Bistro Latitude - overall score: BBB+

Good food, but appalling service turns this into a highly mixed experience.

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