Wednesday, January 31, 2007

M/F Crown of Scandinavia - eating on board

There are several restaurants on board the Crown of Scandinavia, so you do not have to starve on board. Be adviced to make your reservation by the start of your journey, especially during peak season. But there are other alternatives that gives you better value for your money.

There are three á la carte restaurants, Marco Polo Gourmet restaurant, Blue Riband restaurant, and Explorer restaurant. At Marco Polo you can get a 4, 5 or 6 course dinner from €50 to €65. At the Blue Riband, the price of a two or three course dinner varies from a little under €30 up to €40. At the Explorer you can choose up to three course dinner for €35. There is also a buffet restaurant - 7 seas, where you can enjoy a Scandinavian dinner buffet for €25.

There are, however, less expensive alternatives. There is a coffee shop with rolls with salads or ham. We chose the bistro Latitude. That was a good choice, foodwise. My review of our dinner experience at Latitude follows.

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