Saturday, January 20, 2007

The dinner, January 20th

The entrée - a change of plan

While visiting a chinese shop during todays shopping I spotted something interesting in the freezer. I am not often tempted by ready made food, but when I see a tray of frozen dim sum for steaming I am ready to let all principles go. Why? I love steamed dumplings in any shape, form and filling.

So my friend Ketil Zahl will eat four different varieties of dim sum. The Shrimp Ha Kao is a dumpling made with Ha Kao flour and filled with shrimp, fish, bamboo shot, and spices. The Shrimp Sui Mai is a wheat flour dumpling filled with shrimp, fish, carrot vermicelli (a very thin noodle) yam bean and spices. The Shrimp Yuba Deli is filled with shrimp, cuttlefish, and wrapped in a beancurd skin. The fourth, Flower Sui Mai is a wheat flour dumpling filled with shrimp, fish, shiitake mushroom, carrot, shallot, and spices.

This is seriously good when prepared in my steamer and served with some drops of sesame oil, sweet chili dipping sauce and soy. And half a bottle of bubbly.



monica said...

I agree, I too love dimsum. If ever you are in London, there is a lovely place called Ping Pong you should try.

Tor Johnsen said...

I prefer dimsum to sushi. I had this treat for the first time in Chinatown in Boston, and when I visit once or twice a year I always eat dimsum at the China Pearl in Boston. To my joy I discovered the first dimsum parlour in Oslo last year, the Taste of China, where I can indulge in dumplings, springrolls, and other delicacies. I was also delighted to find these frozen delights, and in fact I finished the package today, I could not resist it!!

Tor Johnsen
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