Saturday, January 27, 2007

Making Enjoy Food & Travel better

....with a little help from my friends!

Per and Susanne Koch are great friends. They are nice and clever, they like good food and drink, to travel - they are very good company. As well as being successful professionals they also run the website Pandia Search Central, one of the worlds best sites on search engines.

They will come and help me to make Enjoy Food & Travel into an even better website. So I hope I can present some improvements for you. I hope to introduce the following new services on the site:

Babelfish - I will introduce the translation service Babelfish, in order to have an option for those of you that do not read english well. This translation service is meant to be a only help for you, as system translations are never very good and may never replace a good translator.

Subscription - I hope to introduce a service where you may subscribe to news on this site.

E-mail. I hope to link remarks you leave on the net, in order for me to answer any questions you leave on the site. Now I have to go through blogger every day to see whether you have left any remarks or any questions.

So I will see what the wizards can do to make the site better. So stay tuned........

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Grey said...

that's great, this site deserves such improvements