Saturday, January 06, 2007

Enjoy Food & Travel co-writer Ketil Zahl 50 years

January 6th 1957, co-writer on Enjoy Food & Travel, Ketil Johan Zahl, opened his eyes for the first time. Since then the world has never been the same. Ketil is a passionate foodie, and loves a good drink and is a cigar connaisseur.

I have offered to make a tapas buffet tonight, in his honour. So this morning we have filled up several shopping bags and in two and a half hours I'm ready for action.

What kind of tapas am I going to serve tonight? I will give you a short description.

Inspired from Barcelona I will make three kind of pintxos, i.e. basque tapas. They are small toasts with patés, salads and so on. I am making pintxos with:

Tuna salad and fried red peppers
Salmon mousse with sweet chili
Paté of venison with black truffles

Warm tapas

Small pizzas with mozarella, olives and spanish chorizo
Chicken wings in a hot smokie mesquite barbeque sauce
King prawns with a sweet italian sauce
Little piggies: Prunes rolled in a slice of bacon
Spanish chorizos in sherry

Cold fish tapas
Croustades with trout roe and sour cream
Salmon nibbles, small wraps filled with salmon mixed with cream cheese with chives

So I think it will be enough for anyone to be pleased. So tomorrow you'll see the result, so be patient.

I have to dash, I have a buffet to attend to.

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Grey said...

Your posts about food are great. Anyway, I have to tell you it's 'pinchos' (spanish) or pintxos (catalan) but not 'pinxtos'.