Saturday, January 13, 2007

Eating in Barcelona

Tapas at Cerveseria Canarias, the real thing!!

The last time I visited Barcelona, we fell for this traditional tapas- restaurant, and I could not wait to get back!!. This is definetely one of my favourites in Barcelona, due to its rustique charm and very good food. And we are not alone, as this restaurant does really good business. It is always packed with people.

Location: BBBBB

Cerveseria Canarias has one of the best locations I know. Under the archways of Placa Reial, my favourite square. From March to October you can sit outside, by the Gaudis lamps and the tall date palms.

Atmosphere: BBBBB-

During the cold season you can walk into one of the most charming restaurants I know in Barcelona. Rustique wooden tables, chairs and benches. Not the best to sit on, but who cares. The walls are partly covered by traditional spanish tiles. Cerveseria Canarias is not trendy, not chic, but definitely genuinly Spanish, and that is great! You are in Spain, after all!!

Prices: BBBBB

I know that I seem quite unimaginative by saying inexpensive. By Scandinavian standards (my benchmarking) all the restaurants we visited were remarkable cheap. So also Cerveseria Canarias. A couple of Euros for a tapa means that your bill usually ends up at €20-25 for three, drinks included. And it is worth it.

Service: BBBB+

This is a place packed with people and the waiters run around like hell, meaning that they are doing their best. There is, however an english menu, so there are no problem finding out what to order. It may take some time, but we got our beer, and there were so much to see.

The Food: BBBBB-

Great and traditional food. Patatas Bravas, Patatas bravas, fried potato dices (sometimes part-boiled and then fried, or simply boiled) served with salsa brava, a spicy tomato sauce. Alioli is often served with it too. Tortillas, croquetas, chorizo, meatballs, albóndigas in a spicy tomato sauce, pocherones, a kind of anchovis in vinegar, and much, much more. Presentation? Rustique. Taste? Yum, yum!!! And especially with one or two pints of ice cold Estrella Damm.

Total score: BBBBB-

Go there!!!

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