Sunday, January 14, 2007

Eating in Barcelona: Some other restaurants, and what to eat there.

During our week in Barcelona we really experienced the diversity of the restaurants of Barcelona. Here comes a few other restaurant to consider and what to eat there.

La Fonda - Eating black rice!

Black rice or arroz negro (image) is one of the most spectacular dishes one can eat. Coloured with squids ink, it looks like black caviar when you plate it. We had black rice at La Fonda, not far from Placa Reial. This paella is made with good fish stock with different varieties of fish, mussels and crustaceans, and the taste is great! Per, however, was not very keen on this dish and chose veal. But I think he was served beef, as veal is supposed to be very tender, and it was not. The desserts, crepes with chocolate sauce and yoghurt with almonds and honey was delicious.

Score: BBB+

Siddharta - eating in the darkness of the dungeons

In one of the narrow streets of Barri Gotic we enterred into a basement restaurant Siddharta. Dark and mysterious with an eclectic kitchen with influences from the mediterranean region and further away. We had one dish each. I had a great pizza with rocket. Per and Susanne had two different skewers. Very good food and a very different restaurant experience.

Score: BBB

Los Tapetes de Gaudí - within walking distance from Sagrada Familia

Visiting Sagrada Familia made us very hungry and we found Los Tapetes de Gaudí in the immediate neighbourhood. And what did we eat? Tapas ofcourse. Some tradtional and some very different. Very good food, but the service was very slow. Still it is worthwhile to have a bite there.

Score BBBB-

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