Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Eating in Barcelona - The Santamonica, Placa Reial

We had our christmas dinner at the Santamonica, and the food was so great that we decided to revisit this restaurant. We did the last evening of our stay. Enjoy Food & Travel finds this restaurant highly recommendable. The combination of a very trendy interior, great wines and above all a very inventive menu makes this our best dinner experience in Barcelona.

Location: BBBB

The restaurant is tucked away in the southeastern corner of Placa Reial. It looks very anonymous, and you have to go down a few steps. In this sense the location is great but it has not the same wow-factor at Les Quinenzenitz, but that does not matter. The rest is so much better.

The interior: BBBBB-

The interor is very trendy and very tasteful. Colourful prints with geometric figurs on the wall, different coloured lights behind a row of bottles behind the bar. Great bathrooms. The colours do not stand out, they are striking, but at the same time tasteful. The plates that the dishes were served on were different in shapes and material, square, round, white clean china and glass. The chairs were, however not very comfortable, but these are details.

Price: BBBBB

The food was fantastic!!! And the best thing, most of the dishes were priced under €25, and they were worth every cent!!! The wines were, after our standards, very inexpensive.

Service: BBBBB

Service was very good, and we were not in need of much supervision from the staff. English menu, maybe a little greek (or spanish) for a no-foodie, but for us, it said all.

The food: BBBBB

And when we were served our starters, main dishes, and desserts both times, they were mouthwatering. Delicately presented. The salads, the foi-gras, fish and meat were prepared to perfection. The meats ordered were tender, the fish well fried, but still firm, and a duckconfit falling off the bone. The tastes were subtle but refined. A foi gras de canard with caramellised fruits and armagnac essence, fish with a sweet sauce with crunchy almonds, a duck with a sauce with a hint of calvados. The desserts were dripping of sinful dark chocholates, and a sorbet with cava and margarita. Yum, yum!!

For christmas dinner we had a great cava for €11, and the last evening we had a Rioja Crianza with a twist! Truly faboulous!!

Total score: BBBBB-

This restaurant is so close to perfection.

Adress:Plaça Reial 12
City: Barcelona
Phone: 93 301 13 64

This picture has been taken by Susanne Kjekshus Koch. You can read her blog here

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