Monday, January 01, 2007

Eating in Barcelona - Les Quinze Nitz, Placa Reial

We dined at les Quinze Nitz the first evening in Barcelona. It had the simple reason that it seemed to be very popular, as a long line formed shortly before the restaurant opened. The atmosphere of the restaurant was great, but the food? I found it a little boring, to be honest!

Location: BBBBB
The restaurant is situated on the north end of Placa Reial, in the middle of Barcelona close to La Rambla.

Atmosphere: BBBB+
Lovely interior, mainly in red and white, red lampshades, white leather chairs, very comfortable. We were placed on the first floor overlooking the square. Great atmosphere!

Price: BBB+
Inexpensive. Most of the food on the menu costs less than €20. The price does however reflects the quality of the food. Only tree B's, and a pluss!

The service: BBBB+
The staff gave us good service. There was an english menu that provided us with enough information for us to easily choose what we wanted, and we did not have to wait long to get our food.

The Food: BBBB
We ordered ham croquettes as an entree, followed by a carpaccio of beef. As main course we had suquet de peix, a catalan fish stew that I shared with Susanne. For dessert I had a lemon Sorbet.

Susanne chose salmon carpaccio as a starter, whereas Per had a tomato soup followed by roast chicken-breast.

We ordered a bottle of cava - a great choice to our food!

The ham croquettes were delicious!!

All the dishes were very well presented. The beef carpaccio was, however, a little tasteless. Susannes salmon carpaccio, served with a cream cheese dressing had much flavour and the cream cheese dressing was delicious (I had a little nibble).

My expectation rose as the suquet arrived in a large metal pan. The fish and mussels were cooked to perfection, but I found the tomato based sauce rather bland and boring. I would have expected more flavours from the fish, garlic and herbs.

The finale - the sorbet was delicious!!

Total score: BBBB+
A good restaurant, but not a great one!


Anonymous said...

A long line in front of the restaurant doesn´t mean that they have anything good to offer in this case. When we got in the restaurant we started to look people around us...just tourists like us. As a starters we had meat carpaggio and some weird meat sauce (we expected something else when we ordered it). Carpaggio was wet and tasteless. The meat sauce was too messy you could eat it,it tasted and looked terrible... As a first course we had fish and cannellonis. The fish tasted icy, like it had just come out the fridge. The cannellonis were overcooked and the meat inside was terrible. Nothing like in Italy! We cancelled our main dishes because starters and first course was really poor. When we made a comment about the quality of the food and asked some discount from the bill only comment was that "everybody eats the same food and we have long line outside"!! We saw that there was also others who were really disappointed about the food. Barcelona is a big city and it has always new people to visit that place. We will never go Les Quinze Nits again. That's for sure. We don't recommend this restaurant at all.

Tor Johnsen said...

Les Quinze Nitz was absolutely not a place I'd care to revisit, that's for sure! Barcelona has so much to offer from excellent small tapas bars to michelin star restaurants. My personal favourite is Els Quatres Gats, and Bilbao Berria for Basque style tapas.