Friday, January 19, 2007

A dinner to look forward to

Tomorrow I will prepare a very good meal. The occation is connected to what Ketil and I are suppose to drink. In 1996 I bought a bottle of Chateau la Rose Figeac 1986 in a wine shop at Merode in Brussels. Since then it has rested, hidden in my cellar. But tomorrow I will open up this wine from a very good vintage in the Bordeaux area.

So I am preparing a meal around a very good wine from a good chateau and from a very good year. But maybe it has turned to vinegar? Who knows!

As a starter I will serve foi gras de canard produced by the weell renowned firm Rougié, in Sarlat in the Perigord district. Served simply on melba toasts and accompanied by half a bottle of Chateau Myrat, from the Sauternes district, the winner when served with foi-gras. The beautiful round sweet taste of honey, apricot and peach, turns the richness of the duck liver into magic.

Then, I'm a little bit uncertain what to do, but definitely seafood, most probably scallops or tigerprawns. What ever, we will drink half a bottle of cava, maybe Freixenet Cordon Negro. I'll let you know what I'll do.

Then the quails. I have served these birds previously stuffed with chicken liver mousse with brandy and black truffles, and covered with thin slices of bacon. Maybe this time I'll use some pork paté iberico I bought in Barcelona, slightly mixed with fried onion and dried ceps, that my brother picked at Holandsdalen in northern Norway. Then serve with warm figs and Vermont wild rice. I think that will prove the good wine worthy. We'll see. I might consult my Larousse Culinaire to get other ideas.

And the dessert. I have no sweet tooth, but I thought marinated warm blackberries with sherry.

So tomorrow, or rather sunday, I will so much to tell.

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