Sunday, January 21, 2007

A dinner in retrospect

Stuffed quails with wild rice and warm figs

The quails were stuffed with a mix of dried ceps, small strips of Traminer Brettlspeck, onion and a tin of Paté de Cerdo Iberico I bought in Barcelona and a few drops of Larsen cognac. This paté is made from pigs liver from animals fed with acorns.

The quails were covered with thin slices of Traminer Brettlspeck. The sauce was made from from dried ceps, onion, good stock, sherry and cream. At the end I added a small drop of Jack Daniels Bourbon. Oh, and I forgot, I also used a great herb I bought at Keflavik airport - Arctic Thyme. A great choice!!

Wild rice is a great alternative to potatoes or plain rice. Boiled for thirty minutes in stock, and when the excess liquid has been poured out, add 1 1/2 oz/50 grs butter. It has a great, nutty flavour!

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