Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Copenhagen - a shopping paradise

If you love tradition or good design, Copenhagen is definitely the place to go. You can buy designer furniture at Illums bolighus in Strøget, or you can buy high quality china from Royal Copenhagen, or maybe some fancy stereos or a phone at Bang & Olufsen.

The Danes are in the forefront in so many areas and most of the elegant shops are lined up at the long pedestrian area called Strøget, starting at Kongens Nytorv and ends at the City Hall Square. Here are some more specific things you can look for.

If you want to find things that you never new existed or that you even needed, you should take a peek into Søstrene Grene by Helligaandskirken. I have never ever seen anything similar to this shop. You can buy the strangest nick-nack you never saw before, to the lowest price imaginable.

Designer shoes, do look for the Bianco shops. I bought two pairs of the smartest designer shoes for less than €20 a pair in the Bianco shop in Fiolstrædet not far from the Synagogue and Runde Taarn Observatorium.

Women could try their luck in one of the designer shops. We visited Bruuns Bazaar in Kronprindsens gade and Munthe plus Simonsen in Grønnegade. At the latter my sister bought the smartest jackets, a combination of knitware and leather. Its before price was €250 but was priced 60% down. No wonder my sister was satisfied.

The Danes are also famous for the silversmiths and jewellry. Copenhagen is a great place to buy jewellry made from amber.

You should also consider visiting the two large department stores situated by Kongens Nytorv, Illums and Magasine Du Nord.

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