Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The crossing from Oslo to Copenhagen

The cabins on board - different options

On our crossing from Oslo to Copenhagen, we were given cabin 7205, on the 7th deck, was situated in front of the vessel, and in the interior of the ship. The cabin had separate beds and a tiny, but functional bathroom with a toilet, shower and sink. There are no radio or television so if you are easily bored, bring a book or a paper if you want to spend some time in your cabin.

There are different cabins of different size, from large suites, on the upper decks, larger outside commodore cabins down to small cabins below the car decks. Some of these even have bunk beds, and are extremely small and crammed. So beware, if you end there, you may have truck over your head. So there are many different options for many different sized wallets.

Still, our cabin was very satisfactory, and I would like to ask you where you would get a double room on a hotels for less than €50 , for two nights! So this is truly a bargain and a tiny vacation in our busy lives. But beware, these prices are off season. During holidays and the late spring, summer and early fall you would have to pay much more for the same cabin.

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