Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Barcelona - foodstories: Bacallà - a Scandinavian speciality

Back at the market at Placa Nova, we found Rafols Bacala, selling Clipfish or Bacallà. Clipfish has been an important export article from Norway and this trade dates back even as far back as the Middle Ages.

Bacallà is the norwegian fish product known in the Mediterranean. I really understood this the first time I visited Barcelona. We enterred a local bar, where we stayed, in the Maria Cristina area. Neither the bartender nor the guests spoke one word english. But when they understood that we were Norwegians, their first respons was, yes you've guessed it - Bacalao!

This as salted and dried codfish is the main ingredient in a tomato fish stew made in Spain, Portugal, Italy and also in South America named after the clipfish. This dish has even been exported back to the western coast of Norway, where it still is a popular part of local cuisine.

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Grey said...

This kind of bacallà stores were very popular back in the days. Nowadays, there are only a few.