Saturday, December 02, 2006

Where to eat in Marseille - and where not to eat

As we asked the waiter at our favourite restaurant La Coupole where to eat dinner (The restaurant was only open for lunch), he answered - go to the Vieux Port. The Old Harbour Area is the centre of the citys gastronomic life, but it turned also out to be the home of some serious tourist traps

We had not done our homework before we left. Having no clue where to get real quality food, we were therefore depending on the advice from the staff at our two hotels. They adviced us to eat fish and shellfish. At both sides of the old harbour there were a large number of restaurants. They all offered menus for less than €20, with three or four dishes. We found some good restaurants and definetely one or two we would not recommend. Here are our restaurant score.

**** Brasserie La Coupole, 5 rue Haxo (Lunch only)
*** Une Escale à Marrakech, 26, Quai Rive Neuve
*** La Coquillage, Rue St Saens
*** La Daurade, 38 Rue St Saens
* New San Remo (No adress - do not waste your time)

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