Sunday, December 03, 2006

Une Escale à Marrakech

This restaurant is situated further out on the west side of the Vieux Port. As we passed it on one of our walks, we decided to return to dine there. The restaurant serves a Maroccan or Northern African menu. Une Escale à Marrakech is really the most beautiful restaurant we ate in during our stay, decorated in an arab style with ornate walls, exotic lighting and wonderful painted panels. We were flown over to the other side of the Mediterranean in a flash.

It was clearly a popular choice for many as we succeeded to get a table in a corner in the back of the restaurant, as the rest of the place was packed with people. We had one meal here - a traditional couscous, and I think this is too little to make a review of the restaurant. I am, however, convinced that this may be a very good place to enjoy the maroccan cuisine. If anyone visits this place once, or on a regular basis, let me know what you think.

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